the life of glamour

flew to grand rapids last night (sorry, grand rapids friends, i’m in town for less than a day and didn’t have time for any fun). well, that’s not fully true. i flew to chicago; and when i found out the airplane for my 9pm-ish flight to grand rapids wasn’t due to arrive in chicago until 1:15am (2:15am, grand rapids time), i decided to rent a car and drive. left chicago at 10pm. arrived in gr at 2:15am — wondered if my flight was about to leave chicago or not. then — DANG — couldn’t sleep, even though i was dog-tired. tossed around in bed for a few hours. now (just after 7am here, but just after 4am to my california body), i’m off to zondervan to talk about ys to the national sales force of zondervan and meet with my boss all day. fly home tonite — please god, let me get home tonite.

i get really whiney when travel goes bad.

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