the “look”

saturday, during a break at the junior high believe event in nashville, i was trying to find a friend who was there with his youth group. he’s a shaved head, cap wearing, gotee-sporting, white male youth worker.

i tapped on the shoulder of two other guys, and didn’t find him (until later). it’s hard to find a particular shaved head, cap wearing, gotee-sporting, white male youth worker in a room with lots of youth workers.

13 thoughts on “the “look””

  1. Leave it to those of us with the Goatees and Caps to be the Gold standard of keeping things Relevant!! LOL we try so hard!!!

  2. Goatee, cap. two things I’ll makes sure to avoid wearing at the NYWC. Shaved head, can’t do much about that now. You forgot to mention “wearing the clothes of a 17 year old in a 30 year old body.”

  3. I always wonder do we gravitate to these styles because we’re in youth ministry or do those predisposed to these styles gravitate towards youth min…

  4. It is because Mikey Atkinson started it all. He with the goatee look and the Krispy Kreme Hat … and now everyone wants to be like him only balder.

  5. I’ve gone with the shaved head look since January, when our students buzzed my head because they had hit their missions goal for 2005. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but once it was done, I found that I really liked it. Easy shower, no more gel, no more bed head. Lots of perks. But then this last week, I got it buzzed on Friday, the day before our church’s big fall outreach. It was sunny Saturday. Very sunny. I neglected to grab a cap. I’m now experiencing my first scalp sunburn. Ouch.

  6. pretty sure you were not looking for me. i don’t fit the emergent look and now i don’t fit the yw look either. lame

  7. I do have the goatee and have worn a hat on occasion (do you people really use the word “cap?”). I have the black plastic frame glasses, trendy jeans, RVCA T-shirts, Rainbow sandals, and spikey hair (instead of bald) too and get this – I PLAY GUITAR!! I have serious issues, but that’s why I’m in therapy! I truly want to believe I would have all these things even if I wasn’t a youth pastor, but no one will ever know.

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