the new wembley stadium

i’m in london with jay howver, the publisher of ys, meeting with our friend martin saunders about a global partnership between ys and youthwork (the magazine and event he gives leadership to here in the uk). the day we booked our flights to come over, martin jumped online and grabbed tickets for the football (soccer) match between the english national team and the swiss national team, at the amazing, newly rebuilt, wembley stadium. a sold out crowd of 90,000. insane fans. amazing seats. horribly cold. it was an absolute blast. some pics:

here’s the outside of the stadium. this somewhat blurry photo doesn’t do it justice — it’s beautiful.


couldn’t get an interior shot of the whole thing. 90,000+ people needs a wide-angle lens!


martin saunders and myself:


3 thoughts on “the new wembley stadium”

  1. Welcome to England and glad you enjoyed the game. Unfortunately you’ll have left by the weekend when the nation can turn its attention to the proper sport of rugby. That’s American Football to you (but before a visit by the health and safety officer) ;)

  2. I’m so jealous!!! There wasn’t a game going on at the new Wembley when I was there this past summer. (I have a bit of an obsession with Joe Cole of Chelsea, who also plays for the English National Team). Hope you enjoyed the game. I’ve seen the English National Team play when they came to the States to play the US national team.

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