the new ys video podcast

youth specialties had an audio podcast for a year or two. and that was nice and all. but we finally decided to step up our game a bit, and just launched a video podcast. we’re hoping to pull this off weekly.

you can check out the ys blog, or put it in your rss reader, to catch the podcast weekly.

or, you can subscribe to the ys podcast on itunes (that link is still being fixed — but if you’re a current ys podcast subscriber, it will automatically fill-in when it gets fixed).

or, you can find it on the ys page of youtube. (if you log in to youtube, you can subscribe to this page.)

here’s the first one, which includes a rambly devotional by me, talking about belonging and adolescence and the trinity and pentecost. yeah, rambly:

5 thoughts on “the new ys video podcast”

  1. Come on Marko, nothing rambly about this. Great stuff with huge implications for youth ministry. It is interesting that while the radical sociality of the Trinity speaks of the importance of inclusion and unity it also does so within the context of the value of difference. The Father is not the Son, The Father is not the Holy Spirit, The Son is not the Father, the Son is not the Holy Spirit, the Spirit is not the Father, The Spirit is not the Son. Difference is part of the nature of the radical sociality and oneness of the Trinity. The perfect community. What would our churches and youth groups look like if we leaned into this reality? One community made up of people who are very different from one another and love the fact that they are.

  2. Marko, great podcast! I agree with Mike about the huge implications for youth ministry. I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in your book. Thanks for all you do for us youth workers!

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