the persistent snake

i was really tempted to title this post with so many other titles, all of which were ultimately deemed a bit too racy for the breadth of my readership. but, i will post this hilarious video of an iowa weatherman goofing with a very large snake at the iowa state fair, and all manner of things going awry when the snake loops through his shorts and won’t let go.

4 thoughts on “the persistent snake”

  1. At 2:45, what is the name that is said? I can’t tell, but I’m really hoping that it is NICK, and not the diminutive of Richard, cause that would just be way wrong….. :)

  2. Makes me proud to be an Iowan. The poor sap’s name is Curtis Goertz. Fans of “The Apprentice” might be interested to know that his wife is Tanya, a finalist from Season 3.

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