the person who compiled this terrifies me

a shockingly long and comprehensive list of links to 80s music videos. wow, a person could really lose a lot of time watching old flock of seagulls and metallica videos. um. i must get back to work now. just one more video. really. ok — just a couple more…

(ht to renee)

6 thoughts on “the person who compiled this terrifies me”

  1. the boobs shot is a random image — it refreshes with the page load. It’s really luck as to whether it shows up or not. This is the one reason i hesitate to put the site in the YS Update – though I know people would get a kick out of it.

  2. this is why you all need Firefox and the extention called “adblock” and “Filterset.G Updater”

    I almost never see adds anymore (like on myspace for instance). It really is amazing.

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