the purple-nurple optical illusion

this is very trippy! it is not a gif file and does not have any movement. the movement you see, when you look at the edges of the picture, is purely the result of tricking your brain.


i found this on neatorama, where they explain:

Neatorama reader Walt Anthony shares with us his blog, geared to educate kids about optical illusions. Walt did a good job in explaining the illusions in the post:

Anomalous Motion Optical Illusion aka Peripheral Drift Optical Illusion is characterized by anomalous motion that can be observed in peripheral vision. […]

Keep in mind that this is a static image. It is not animated in any way. but as your vision moves back and forth the center area seems to be moving toward the center (contracting) and the outer edges seem to be moving away (expanding) from the center. Also worth noting is that if you fixate on a point in the center and don’t move your eyes this anomalous motion will stop.

15 thoughts on “the purple-nurple optical illusion”

  1. so marko, you’re saying it’s a gif file?


    that’s pretty tight. it stops “moving” if you stare at one point, but as soon as your eyes move, it starts to “move” once again. cool!

  2. Ok, luke: I’m a dork. After all that “it’s not a freakin’ gif” defense, I have to apologize. It IS a gif. But it’s not a gif with moement. It’s a static image.

  3. My “Is it is gif file” comment was rhetorical because it is a gif file. Now does it move because of my eyes and brain are tricked, or because of a computer program manipulating what we see? Just think of all the messages you can find using this illustration! The only thing you might want to change is the name. Can’t you see it now “tonight at Bible Study we will be talking about the Purple Nurple and your relationship with Christ”. In Louisiana, “purple nurple” has a different meaning for junior high boys. It could turn out to be a painful night.

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