the result of my cleanse

my cleanse officially ended last night. perfect timing with my birthday today, so i can eat the “no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies” leoney (our receptionist) made for me today.

now, as a result of my cleanse…

    1. my hair is shinier

    2. my voice is lower

    3. my children are better behaved and getting all A’s in school

    4. my dog has calmed down

    5. my day has 2 extra hours, every day

    6. my savings account has doubled

    7. my TV is 6″ larger

    8. and my blog traffic has tripled.

uh. yeah. not really. the truth:

    1. i feel great.

    2. i have a new relationship with food. (a healthy one, that is)

    3. i lost 14 pounds and one hole on my belt.

    4. my colon is so clean (yes, i even had my first colonic on monday morning) i can whistle ‘mary had a little lamb’ with it (well, only a slight exaggeration on that one).

12 thoughts on “the result of my cleanse”

  1. TMI, marko.

    I’ll tell Shane to bring healthy food for snack tonite. DO NOT let him eat chocolate or caffeine, or I’m sending him home with you!

  2. Happy Birthday. My birthday is tomorrow, May 26th.

    Hmmm. An annual cleanse may be in order.
    I was hoping for a flat screen, a birthday card from Elle McPhereson, and shiny hair but will settle for feeling better.

  3. bobbie — swear off coffee for good? never! that first cup of starbucks was like nirvana. i AM going to try to drink LESS coffee, and more water.

  4. oh… marko.
    congratulations… but seriously – I know you think that Starbucks is great … but just wait until you’ve had a freshly roasted, freshly ground, perfectly espressed, perfectly creamy little delight that us Antipodeans call a ‘flat white’. That is a life-changing experience.

    When you come to NZ (We’d be happy to look after you anytime, I’ll take you to Roasted Addiqtion and Atomic Coffee. They are coffeehouse nirvana, found in what I think is an approrpiately named Auckland suburb… Kingsland. Yes, He saw that it was good, it was very good.

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