the starfish and the spider

starfish.jpgthe starfish and the spider: the unstoppable power of leaderless organizations, by ori brafman and rod a. beckstrom

read this a couple weeks ago, and it has my brain churning. really. i’m ready to implode ys and reinvent from the fringes. i’m ready to create a giant youth ministry wiki and see what the clearly engaged and smart practitioners of the youth ministry world came come up with!

this is one of those paradigm-shaking, re-orienting business books. like “good to great” and “a whole new mind” and others, this book says, “whether we thought about things correctly in the past is really not the point; the point is things have changed, and will change more, and we need to adjust now.”

very interesting stuff for church leaders to think about. sure seems to have MASSIVE implications for the whole burgeoning new wave of house churches.

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  1. I should clarify… “mmm… yes” meant something more along the lines of “Yes … I’m trackin’ with you… I think I’d like that book…” – NOT “Yeah… implode YS…” Just want to make that clear…

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