9 thoughts on “there goes a little piece of my childhood”

  1. I think he may have been even older, maybe 79. Yeah my childhood memories include watching EK jumping his bike over several dozen London double decker buses.

  2. Did you have the motorcycle that you had to put in the base and then crank it up and release it? It came with a ramp. I loved that toy.

  3. Did you have the Evel Knievel bike? A kid in my neighborhood did and he was the envy of all the kids. And we used to all do jumps on our bikes as well pretending we were the great Evel Knievel.

    I am surprised that he lived as long as he did after all the stuff he put his body through.

  4. How well (and fondly) I remember my six year old son saying the Lords Prayer with a twist..and deliver us from Evel Knievel Amen. I still laugh about it 30 years later

  5. There was an in-depth article which ran in Rolling Stone at the time of the Snake River travesty which labeled this guy a goon, and they gave convincing examples. He had a lifelong struggle with the law (remember his name was given him by one of his many jailers) and was essentially a freak who attracted attention by means of breaking his bones. The big jump with his rocket ride was regarded at the time as a hoax; he went up, the chute deployed, he came down, without crossing the gorge.

    He was the Paris Hilton of his day. Only she spent less time in jail and goes in for a different sort of rehab.

  6. Yes,I had the “Evel Knievel Stuntcycle” also…I thought Evel was so cool…I had to have the toy…It was one of my faves,actually…Evel Knievel is most definitely,an icon….who will (most definitely) be missed…Godspeed,Mr. Knievel…We will never forget you….

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