things you won’t hear at the national youth workers convention

let me just give you youth workers this little heads-up, this little hint, this little tease: we are rethinking EVERYTHING about the nywc this year. seriously. we’re nuking it, and rebuilding from the ground up. i’ll have more on what that means in the weeks and months to come.

but, i saw this little video over on adam’s blog (didn’t even know we made it!), and thought it was fun.


5 thoughts on “things you won’t hear at the national youth workers convention”

  1. I will look forward to hearing more. I am glad that you are “nuking” and starting from the ground up. With the nuke, I may re-work budget numbers and make YS my 3rd convention this year.

    I went to the Extravaganza in January and am going to Orange in a few weeks. So, I will tuck some money away and see what the “new” will look like.

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