this is the kind of evangelism we need more of!

(hint: sarcasm)

saw this truck driving in front of me on the freeway the other day. i’m sure san diegans came to christ by the thousands.

6 thoughts on “this is the kind of evangelism we need more of!”

  1. My personal opinion is that it’s crazy and pointless, too, not to mention probably offensive and driving people away from the very cross the person wants people to pursue. On the other hand, could it be that, like Isaiah or Ezekiel, God’s called that person to do this crazy stunt?

  2. there’s a van like that over in maine that i see in parking lots and i always think about staking it out to ask the owner if it’s working for them and what they really get out of it.

    in our old home town there was a horrible legalistic church that provided lawn signs for their members that spoke of damnation and a horrible vengent god – i know it affected their neighbors – how unwelcoming can you be?

  3. God uses all kinds of people to reach all kinds of people. About the collateral damage that happens, I haven’t figured that out. When someone when someone is as public as this I wonder if they understand the implications of their actions in how it affects other evangelical ministries. Then I wonder if this guy is trying to evangelize at all, or just preach his “essential doctrine” to people. Probably the latter…unfortunately.

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