3 thoughts on “this old dude should work with my middle school guys small group”

  1. BTW, you mentioned you were using the new books you wrote this year for MSM as your wednesday night small group curriculum (My Faith, My Friends, etc.) How did it go?

  2. yeah, heidy, it worked pretty well; but we’ve done it for 6 mos, and i think my guys are ready for a change to something different. actually, i kept wishing i had the content for one of the last books (written, but not released yet), called “my changes” — it’s really early adolescent development, but written for young teens. when i’ve talked with my guys about this kind of stuff they’ve been really interested. so i think i’m going to try using the manuscript of that book!

  3. I wanna be as cool as that old guy when I get there too. I wonder if he leans to the side or says pull my finger when he does it?

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