tic long, beach witnessing trail-blazer

i was recently sent this scan of an old wittenburg door cover from 1978. it features tic long, ys president of events, back in his earliest days at ys (i think he was hired about a year before this), showing his highly-perfected skill of beach witnessing. a true visionary, a trail-blazer, if you will.

The Door Cover.jpg

(ht to mike roeder, via lisa wondercheck)

17 thoughts on “tic long, beach witnessing trail-blazer”

  1. I think he the one holding the pic and doing the talking…. I could be wrong would’nt be the frist time :)

  2. Yeah, that’s him, looked like Dana Carvey then too. :)

    This is a horribly provocative photo…

  3. I declare an “unofficial” caption contest on this one…what do you say marko…no prizes…just the fine satisfaction of winning for a picture that is almost 30 years old!

  4. “I Tic Long swear to you that if I am just talking to you because I think you are cute and not because I am trying to evangelize may I 29 years from now back into a tea light candle and set myself on fire…yeah like that will ever happen.”

  5. Tic, I know this Yaconelli guy told us that we should dress like this and approach women sunbathing to present the gospel, but somehow it seems like a practical joke.

  6. Oh, I shouldn’t be anywhere near this thread. Too many jokes, too many morals…. Cleanest one in my head right now still is way too profane for this blog.

    Oh, wait….

    “Hey, we’re Son worshipers too!”

  7. Marko-

    I never mentioned the publication. I’m talking, strictly, about the picture.

    Yes, the picture is provocative. Notice Jeff and Len’s response?? Exactly what I thought would be going through most guys minds when they saw that pic. I doubt I have to explain my opinion, thanks for the example guys…

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