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traffic on my blog has, in many ways, never fully recovered from the 9 month blogging sabbatical i took in 2009 when i was trying to focus 100% of my energies on ys. i realize that some of that, during that period, has shifted to blog readers, which don’t show up in my wordpress stats. what certainly does show up are the random visitors who come by one time because of something they found in a search engine. and many of these are so completely random, connected to a funny photo or an old oddity post (back when i was posting 2x/day, 7 days/week, i had a lot more oddity posts!).

so i cracked up the other day when i looked at the list of top search terms that have led people to my blog. a quick perusal of the list might easily cause one to surmise very different things about what is important to me! let’s hear it for “show jumping” and “ferrets”!

show jumping–6,690
awesome houses–4,664
mark oestreicher–4,016
amazing houses–3,207
music meme–2,285
marko blog–1,987
cool pools–1,973
beautiful churches–1,552
old testament–1,533
buckingham fountain–1,451
harbin ice festival–1,410
unique houses–1,379
david crowder–1,289
faux hawk–1,116
hipster tattoo–1,009
ys marko–949
glass pool–886
family tattoo–854
dueling banjos –819
gordon kirk pastor–767
most beautiful churches–763
wave art–719
organization life cycle–711
underground pools–709
why is marko–708
ferrets pictures–705
kerry blue terrier–686
cruise missile–629
weird houses–593
middle school–584
glass pools–526
white puzzle–521
strange houses–505
underground pool–505
hipster tattoos–503
youth group names–485

3 thoughts on “top search terms leading to this blog”

  1. How does it feel to come in third place on your own blog? That’s either genius SEO or brilliant ferret marketing.

  2. Yea, a little bizarre when “show jumping” beats “marko” or your full name in search terms leading to your blog. Love it though… I have to check mine out now.


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