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i joined the david crowder band on tour yesterday in kansas city. it’s actually the third day tour, and DC*B is the opening band. so, other than a 40 minute set, and one fun song played with third day in the middle of their set, touring can be summarized in two little words: sitting around. the crowder guys are all — every one of ’em — great and fun guys (and woman — toni crowder), and being with them is a kick. but there is really just about nothing to do! i would think that this lifestyle could be mind-numbingly boring at times. i think that’s the primary factor in their enjoyment of me being here: anything to break the every-day-is-the-same monotony is highly welcome!

it’s not exactly a plush lifestyle, even though those tour busses, at first entry, do seem nice. but when you figure the crowder bus has eight people in it, there’s NO room. everyone adjusts and moves for each other and makes room. but being on the bus can be a bit like being in an overcrowded tent (abeit, an overcrowded tent with satelite tv and wi-fi). but an overcrowded tent doesn’t roll around all night. even getting into my lower-level bunk requires creative manuevering and plenty of opportunities for plumber-butt. the fact that, when band members spouses join them from time to time, they share their bunk, is just beyond my comprehension. i couldn’t fit my 8-year-old son in there with me!

my sleep could be best described as “less than restful” and “less than roomy”. every time the bus would make a turn, i’d nominally wake up from my almost-sleep, and — trying to keep myself from fully waking up by using my arms or legs to brace myself — would employ various stomach and back muscles to steady myself. they guys all say they get used to it after a few nights and sleep like they’re in a coma; but then have a hard time sleeping when they get back to a regular, non-moving, bed.

we pulled into kearney, nebraska, some time in the wee-hours of the morning. and then, with the bus still vibrating from the generator, i got some good sound sleep, not actually crawling out of my curtained-coffin until about noon. immediately, i was told lunch was being served in the arena (an ice rink!), and it was sloppy joes. uh, no. not “breakfast food”.

warning, TMI approaching: the bus rule about ‘only liquids’ in the bus toilet has me a bit stressed, trying to regulate myself! i almost missed the departure last night, making one last run into the arena bathrooms!

third day has a “road pastor” with them, so the crowder guys have unofficially designated me as their road pastor, and are talking about a grand competition throw-down between me and the third day road pastor.

late tonite, we’ll drive, while almost-sleeping, to norman, oklahoma. earplugs — i need to remember to dig out my earplugs for tonite.

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  1. yeah, riddle, though i’m guessing my time in the crowder bus is slightly different than your time in the jump-5 bus! nice try, not mentioning that.

  2. visions of the two “road pastors” eyeballing at 4ft apart with enormous leather bound gold rimmed bibles and shouting quotes from the minor prophets until one is consumed in fire. ooh, have i just come up with a halo 2 x-box mod?

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