travel can certainly suck

last week: stuck overnight in denver; missed the emergent gathering.

now: pulled away from the gate in atlanta; engine issue. pulled back to gate. sat. unloaded half an hour later, with the word that it would take an hour to fix (“you’re welcome to stay on the plane, or go sit in the waiting area!”). well — no thank you very much — that would have resulted in me getting to DENVER again, and missing my connection; and, yup, spending another unwanted night there. so i’m sitting in the airport, after consuming a highly suspect cheese dog, waiting for my newly booked flight on a different airline, that will — in theory — get me to san diego at some point in this square on my calendar. i lost my upgrade to first and am now in the cattle section. i know i sound like a spoiled baby.


4 thoughts on “travel can certainly suck”

  1. dude — to make matters worse, someone sitting near me on the 4 hour, 15 minute flight from atlanta to san diego had raw sewage gas, and let a silent one fly about every 15 minutes through the entire flight. i almost yelled out, after the 7th or 8th time, “whoever you are, go take a dump and give us all a break!” instead, i made a show of looking around and scowling, so everyone would know it wasn’t me (because, as i said my wife, i think i have the look of a chronic airplane farter — and you just can’t leave it to people to assume!).

  2. so am I to assume that people in first class never have bad gas?

    Sometimes the only pleasure those in the back have is to let them rip & piss off the others.

  3. Y’know, I have to admit … I’ve often times thought to myself “that Marko has the look of a chronic airplane farter.” It’s good to know I’m not the only one.

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