travel in the next few days

flying to grand rapids this afternoon for one of those 16-hour barnstorming trips. a few hours of sleep, a morning mtg at zondervan, and fly home tomorrow afternoon/evening.

saturday morning, i fly to houston and drive up to (certainly) beautiful conroe, texas, for the wedding of jeremy bush, aka b-wack, the drummer in the david crowder band.

then, i begin one of my quarterly personal spiritual retreats saturday night. i booked a place on lake conroe (5 minutes from the wedding), for three nights. i’m really ready for a couple days of sleep, prayer, silence and reading. home tuesday night, then resume some sense of normal life for a week (before heading to argentina).

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  1. marko, enjoy conroe! it WILL be HUMID…but lake conroe ain’t that bad. also, is jeremy bush the same one who graduated from kingwood high school in 1993? it’s close to conroe… go ahead, ask him. i triple dog dare ya.

  2. Hey, Marko, if you get a chance, look me up while you are at Z! I was kind of bummed I wasn’t able to talk to you for more than one minute at DCLA. Also, let me know if you need help brainstorming. I’m usually full of ideas.

  3. Coming to H-town…. Nice
    Been kinda hot latley so check the weather.
    Conroe will be nice. Lake may be crowed on the weekend.
    Enjoy your time in Houston.


  4. If you take them, here is a request for comment:How do you stay married with all this travel? Seriously, how do you and your wife stay connected?

  5. hey mike — well, two answers:
    first, i take my wife or one of my kids, or all of them, as often as i can. this summer, my whole fam was with me at both dcla events, and on a family trip to detroit. then, i took my son to peru, and my daughter to england (which has great family value, and is a good thing to my wife).
    second: it’s still a strain. and we don’t have it all figured out.

  6. Does your wife get any spirtual retreats? Does she want them? I’ve offered to give my wife the time, but she hasn’t taken me up on it yet (after 13 years of ministry). I keep offering, but her love language is definitely the type that would rather have the spiritual retreat with her husband… who values time alone. Yeah, we’re still working that one out, too.

  7. absolutely, paul! i suppose that’s a third piece of my answer as to how i make the travel work: i try to be 100% supportive of my wife’s travel. she has fairly regular retreats of her own, and i make myself available for kid-duty when those come up. she has two of these in the next couple months — one on her own, and one with other people.

  8. Well, I might as well jump on the Local flavor shout out band wagon – Say Hi to my uncle and my in laws!! My uncle actually lives on lake Conroe… my inlaws live in Kingwood… so… there. Now i’m the nineth person so give a sensless hey i’m from there comment.

    Seriously, enjoy your time on retreat… make some iced-tea and enjoy the peace. God bless and safe travels!!


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