truly strange christian video

oh my. i really do think this could qualify is one of the single strangest, jaw-dropping, awkward laughter-inducing, christian videos i have ever seen. the responses of the audience alone are well worth the admission. i wish i could embed it here; but, for some reason, embeding was turned off on this one: so you’ll have to click through on this link.

(ht to brad, in a comment on another post)

23 thoughts on “truly strange christian video”

  1. At least we won’t have to worry about fashion in heaven. Every day is white!

    He got me seriously thinking though. I mean, what if I’m killed in an earthquake today?

  2. Is this what we have to look forward to since you’re not speaking this year? I hope it’s just a glimpse of all the strange things that await us here on the blog.

  3. wait…I don’t want to go to heaven now…How about Jersey instead…it looks better…a little bit…

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  5. wow. i kept looking for purple triangle cloths to wear on my body. or for people who would jump out and declare that they’re the knights who say “ni.”

  6. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t, I was too scared.

    I swear I saw some Logan’s Run clips in there…

  7. Oh.My.Gosh. I guess God really loved the 70’s.
    I always have to stop myself from laughing when I hear preachers go on a “theological math” tangent.

  8. This one is interesting as well. Not a crazy old preacher, more on the “younger” side.

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