two o’ my friends are ‘rasslin

i’ve posted about my new-ish friendship with brett kunkle (do any readers remember the hot-tub-offer-gate that lead to this friendship?). brett sent me his article he’d written on the emerging church a few weeks ago and asked if i could give him feedback. unfortunately, i didn’t realize it was timely, as he was presenting the paper at ets (evangelical theological society) the following week. and, this being convention season, i didn’t get to it.

but, in case you’ve been living in a cave, or just never frequent blogs that would tip to this kind of thing, it’s been percolating into rather a fun little semi-playful brawl (the good kind, like guys playing tackle football on a sunday afternoon), especially between brett and my buddy tony jones (whom i can’t wait to have lunch with on sunday here in charlotte).

i really do like both of these guys. tony’s one of those guys with whom i’ve gone through a lot — not all of it good — and it’s created a strong friendship that would be difficult to damage (since we’re long past worse damage than we’re likely to repeat). his thinking consistently sharpens my own, and i love his writing. and i’m trying to get brett to do some writing for ys also — i think he has some things worth saying, and would develop some helpful resources for youth workers. so my ‘valuing’ of these guys is both personal and professional.

so here’s the ‘rasslin’ match:

brett’s paper (for download)

tony’s blog response

there are other commenters and bloggers weighing in on this; but these two are the core of it. i know it’s tiring for tony (it is for me when i’m in his place), but i sure do love reading this stuff!

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