two realities on monday, january 21

reality #1: today, the ys exec team heads out on retreat for four days. we do this twice a year, and it’s predictably fantastic. we dream and vision, make tough decisions, connect and share at a deep personal level, learn how to confront and talk about awkward elephants in the room. if you care about ys at all, we would love your prayers.

reality #2: guitar hero III entered the oestreicher household this past weekend. liesl, max and i went “thirdsies” on buying it. max is obsessed, and way past me.

6 thoughts on “two realities on monday, january 21”

  1. I am a minister to students in NC and have been reading your blog for a while. I just read an article at that I thought would be an interesting add to the the Emergent discussion. He seems to be saying the same thing Phyllis Tickle is saying only in a different way. It is worth the read and I will say a prayer for you and the YS staff right now. Thanks for all you do for youth ministers and students.

  2. I’m pretty sure one’s proficiency at GH3 has something to do with some age related brain development issues.

    I got to the “hard” level fairly easy and now I’m stuck on “Slow Ride.” It’s coming though.

  3. I have tried GH a few times now … but there’s just something about how incredibly badly I get schooled by the sixth graders at it that kills my joy …

  4. Marko, you really should get him Rock Band. I think you mentioned something about him wanting to be a drummer, so he could play drums, you could do guitar, and leisl could sing!

  5. Guitar Hero is superb, allowing the young people to teach me how to improve and make the transition from medium to hard mode…and it makes superb room for conversation.
    BEWARE though the Guitar Hero claw, that strange shape of hand due to playing 3 hours straight- it also makes the carpet all wonky!

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