two truths and a lie

you’ve played that game before, right?

well, last month’s YSoteric (our little online e-mag) had a “two truths and a lie” thingy with ys staff. click here to see ’em.

here are mine — see if you can guess which is the lie:

my hair has been, at various times, red, blue, blonde, black, brown, orange and purple, purple tinted, and green.

my earliest memory of a fight was with a girl, in elementary school, who kicked my butt.

i crave french onion chip dip, and i hate rye bread and bleu cheese.

6 thoughts on “two truths and a lie”

  1. almost forgot the reveal:

    well, jeff moulton nailed it. numbers 2 and 3 are completely true. #1 is not true, in that i’ve never had green hair. (all the other colors are true.) :)

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