typeracer is a surprisingly fun little app. register or play as a guest, and race in typing a short paragraph against 3 other real people.

the first time you try, you’ll probably not do very well (i didn’t), as it takes a first try to get the gist of it (like, that all capitalization and punctuation has to be exactly correct, and that you can’t move your mouse to make a correction, but have to backspace). but i got better with subsequent tries, and won a few races (and got creamed by some guy who could type so much faster than me on a couple more).

after a few tries, i was getting in the mid-60s for my words per minute. not stellar, but not too bad.

have fun! report your wpm in a comment here.

15 thoughts on “typeracer”

  1. 62 wpm on my second try (48 on my first – didn’t understand what I had to do when I made a mistake). It’s fun. I love the little slug bugs going across the screen.

  2. 75 wpm. w/98.3% accuracy on my first try. It helped that I read the hints here on corrections.

  3. 81 wpm w/99% accuracy on my second try. On my first try I came in first place, while my second try I came in third. Amazing how fast some of these folks can go. Cool program. I’ll see if I can get my boys to use it to improve their typing, especially my competitive first born.

  4. I’m totally addicted! I love figuring out where the quotes are from as well. I do much better on ones I already know. I got a 102 on the opening portion of Romeo and Juliet… my average (after 50 games… told you I was addicted) is 77wpm…

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