yesterday morning, jeannie and i got to go to a screening of the new movie, U23D. yup, it’s a U2 concert shot in 3D. to be more specific, it’s the buenos aires, argentina, concert from the vertigo tour, shot in 3D.

and it’s fantastic.

seriously, when bono looks into the camera, it completely feels like he’s turning to engage the audience in the theater (and not in a cheesy way). the shots of the stage from the crowd really made me feel like i was in the crowd.

and here’s why that is great:
i like live music, but i hate standing.
so, being engulfed in the massive sound and sight of this performance, while sitting in a nice IMAX theater reclining chair was my kind of concert-viewing.

of course, U2 are consummate performers, and the entire performance is orchestrated to move along more like a theatrical performance than a traditional set-list of songs.

this movie releases in select IMAX theaters on january 23, and nationwide on february 15. any U2 fan has to find a way to make it to a showing. it’s G-rated, and would be totally cool for youth workers to take students to (especially if the students are U2 fans).


8 thoughts on “U23D”

  1. I am so jealous you’ve already seen it. I can’t wait to see the film. (By “can’t wait” I mean I am rearranging my schedule so I can see it on the 15th.)

  2. I laughed when I heard you say that you “hate” standing. I relate. I’m a closet “sitter.” I can’t stand standing (I’m I allowed to say that? “can’t stand standing”) for an hour during concerts… and that’s all anyone does any more. I figured it was just because I was old.

    But I have shoved those feelings deep into my bowels so that one day they will explode… er… actually…. never mind.

  3. dude. standing is the bomb. perhaps not when you’ve paid for a “seat”, but standing on the floor during the last U2 tour was a-freakin’-mazing. granted, i have little personal space bubble and i really don’t mind jumping and dancing for 150 straight minutes. you should try it.

  4. In the years that I was a radio DJ we took lots of listeners to see all kinds of concerts (including [email protected] which was amazing). My long time concert buddy and coworker ALWAYS complained about the standing. As he pointed out we had paid for “seats” and they were called that for a reason.

    I’d prefer to sit but sometimes the music makes you want to get up and move!

  5. If I wasn’t a Christian I might worship bono. Did he say Mohammed son of Abraham? Anyways the concert in 3d was cool. Those guys are getting older but they are still rockin.

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