um, they’re permanent

i posted recently about the tattoo contest on stuff christians like. and i got funding for my next tattoo for my birthday back and may, and still haven’t scheduled the time to do it. so tats have been on my mind a bit lately.

which is why this list caught my eye: 10 great misspelled tattoos.

seriously, while i’m supportive of the idea of tattoos, i’m not supportive of the idea of stupid tattoos. if you’re going to ink something permanent on your body, make sure it’s something you could conceive having on you, in a slightly more expanded and saggy form, 20 or 30 or 40 years from now. and, for the love of god and all things good and right, make sure it’s spelled correctly!

a choice sample:

3 thoughts on “um, they’re permanent”

  1. You should check out Jason Kelly in ATL. He is a unique christian tattoo artist. He has done all 3 of mine. I am getting my fourth and final one this fall.

  2. M-ark0- I got a Hebrew Tat this spring and was terrified that I would screw it up and get something spelled wrong. My favorite tattoo story comes from my wife who was talking with a Park Cities mom the day I got a tattoo. When the woman asked why I was getting a tattoo with a very haugty voice and said that all her friends who had gotten tattoo’s were trying to get them removoved. Danielle’s response was to say “Did all your friends get them when they were 22 and drunk? My husband is 38 so he knows what he wants!”
    Classic reason I love my wife.

  3. Hi Mark! John Mathers told me I’d like your blog – and he was ABSOLUTELY right! I was laughing as soon as I saw this first post. I’ll be reading!

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