undercover atheist

leaving eden is the anonymous blog of an undercover athiest attending my alma matter, wheaton college. while i still have a lot of affection for wheaton, and value what i received there, i do know that these kinds of environments can feel terribly boundaried and oppressive to some people, depending on a variety of factors (their classes and professors, friends and other relationships, personality, where they are in their journey). i know that while i attended wheaton, i swung wildly from fan to hater, model student to frustrated subversive, there and back and there and back again. i had professors and classes and even chapel experiences that deeply and profoundly fed into who i am today (in positive ways), as well as experiences (one in particular) where i felt extremely mistreated by the system.

anyhow, it’s an interesting blog. and it’s thoughtful — it doesn’t seem to exist to “take down the school”. there’s also an interview with the author of leaving eden on another blog, here (part 1) and here (part 2) that are worth reading.

(ht to andy at think christian)

4 thoughts on “undercover atheist”

  1. Wow! Very interesting! Profound words from an “atheist,” “Live the gospel before you speak it.”

  2. When I was in seminary, one morning my one professor opened class by telling us that, statistically, 10-15% of us would no longer be part of the Christian faith in a few years. The statistic he quoted was based on individuals enrolled in evangelical seminaries…it was and still is startling. Unfortunately, I have no idea where he got the statistic anymore.

  3. It’s sad that Christians are the main reason that people turn away from Christianity. Dare I say, the only reason?

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