underwater breath holding record smashed

i think i’m pretty good at holding my breath under water. i’ve made it as long as 3 minutes before, and can regularly go more than 2 minutes. when we had a pool (our last house), i would regularly win impromptu contests.

but i’m a small-time hack compared to the people who can really do this. previous records were in the 7 minute range. but a guy recently smashed previous records with… get this… more than 18 minutes!


Gianluca Genoni held his breath for 18 minutes 3.69 seconds while lying underwater in a Mantua swimming pool, beating German diver Tom Sietas, who managed 17 minutes 19 seconds in September – also on live TV – to unseat Blaine from the Guinness world record book.

(the original article i read this in seems to be down, but this italian wikipedia link has the numbers.)

2 thoughts on “underwater breath holding record smashed”

  1. i’m pretty sure that woman from living illusions at ys in nashville was holding her breath for about half an hour. at least is seemed like that to me.

  2. I remember living with you and Jeannieo in Tustin and we would hit the pool outside your place. We would do all sorts of goofy pool stuff, but you did do the holding your breath thing pretty well. I’d get you like one out of ten time, but you would crush me the rest of the time. Thanks for reviving me a couple of times. I wouldn’t be here w/o you!

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