underwear for chronic farters

sorry — my junior high youth worker self coming out here.

but this apparently real product is hilarious! (someone’s going to email me or comment how cruel i am to say that, and how i clearly do not understand the pain people with chronic flatus live with, just like the occasional but regular stream of emails i get from people who are angry because i once posted that these huggable urns are freaky).

and, i read a testimonial like this one:

“I have told everyone about your product and while this is a guarantee of a few hilarious minutes at first, most everyone is pretty interested in knowing more. I can only reiterate that your ingenuity has made me and my family’s lives so much pleasanter! Best wishes and keep up the production.” Lynn M.

and i think, “really, lynne m.? you have told everyone? lynne m., why would you tell everyone?”

6 thoughts on “underwear for chronic farters”

  1. Did you watch the news clip? Imagine being the reporter who got to cover THAT story. It seems like a story from the daily show. Very immature of us to laugh at this.

  2. Is that for real? Or is it one of those fake websites, like the one that sells pet penguins? (I was really disappointed that one wasn’t real.)

  3. wow… i can see where this item can come in handy for some. i can also see where this could come in handy for junior high boys who are in a cabin for a week at camp!

    btw… the huggable urn thing was really freaky!

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