up, up, and away; and, a good band name

i’m in the airport. first time since my decision to take a one-year speaking sabbatical. but this is ys stuff, and it’s good. i’m flying to grand rapids to speak at zondervan’s sales conference tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon i’m on to cincinnati for the 3rd national youth workers convention of the fall. then back to grand rapids next monday for a tuesday morning leadership team meeting, and home to san diego tuesday night. no family with me on this one, so it’s long. i had a great weekend hanging with family this weekend, though, and had a nice relaxing coffee date with jeannie this morning before she dropped my off at the airport.

on the way to school this morning, max was rambling on about some silliness or another, and mentioned something about liking invisible kitties. and it struck me that “invisible kitties” would be a great band name. the band would have to be three skinny, black-haired emo guys; and they would have to play pop emo music that sounded fun and jaunty, but was, lyrically, way-depressing, and deep, at least in an affected sort of way. the name of the group would be seen as both ironic, since “kitties” is so cute and cuddly, and the band would so clearly not be, and profound in a way no one outside the most core fans would really understand, as “invisible” would be open to all kinds of layered meaning.

7 thoughts on “up, up, and away; and, a good band name”

  1. I am concern about how the airlines will continue to operate when you start you sabbatical. you will get to watch and “THE GAME” on Saturday when you are in Ohio. Go Bucks… Enjoy the NWYC.

  2. i was glancing at this week’ schedule and noticed your seminar is during the game. was this deliberate? did you want 3 people to show up to your deal? i really wanted to hear your topic…guess i’m buying the cd!

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