u.s. map by dominant denomination

i found this map really interesting:


it’s a little hard to see in the size i can make it on my blog, so check out the larger one here. colors represent the largest denomination in each county. counties with a dot in them mean that more than 50% of the population of that county are the leading denomination. red is baptist, blue is catholic, orange is lutheran (interesting to see how many counties in the north have more lutherans than any other denom), and mormons are that color that’s dominant in utah (pink? green? i’m color-blind, and that one is a stretch for me!).

when my friends at student life (a youth ministry camp and curriculum resource based in birmingham, alabama) tell me that it would be difficult for their constituency, which is dominantly in the south and southeast, to be anything other than baptist… well, this map sure supports that!

(ht to bob)

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  1. I love to see the smattering of mennonites. we are just where you thought we would be. we are on the verge of world domination! haha. lol…

    why pink though?

  2. As far as my county goes, I found it inaccurate. It says that Baptist is the dominant denomination, but I can’t think of a Baptist church anywhere in our county that has any influence at all. I did find the map very interesting though. I think an interesting add-on would be an overlay of how each county votes as well.

  3. Some of the comments at the original posting were telling. What I wanted to see was the #2 denomination (funny when you think about it like a middle schooler).

    There may also be a discrepancy in counties where the label is “Christian”. Depending on the source material, that could include anyone who responded with a non-specific denomination (church hoppers, church shoppers, non-church affiliated believers)

    Very interesting.

  4. It’s my understanding that “Christian” is ‘Christian Church/Church of Christ’ affiliation. When I look at those particular counties, I see the correlation. The Indiana/Illinois are is where the Restoration Movement (Christian Church) really has a solid base of churches.

  5. fast fact, Minnesota has a larger lutheran population than South Dakota has total population. wOOt.

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