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gilligan.jpgdid you know that on the hit tv series Gilligan’s Island, Gilligan actually had a first name: Willy.

Gilligan’s first name was used only once, on the never-aired pilot show. Sherwood Schwartz, the series’ creator, got the name Gilligan by opening a phone book to a random page. Oh, the Professor and the Skipper’s real names? Roy Hinkley and Jonas Grumby, respectively.

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  1. Did you know also Gilligan was elected the president of the Island in episode 2?

    Have you ever seen the theory that Gilligan=Satan? I actually have a whole powerpoint on it from a Presentation I did in College as a joke. . .

  2. ha! I was just going to say that! Mary ann was smoking Mary Jane! I’m guessing they were all toking on the show.

  3. There are several interesting books about gilligan’s island and other shows (useless trivia type of stuff). But there is a very interesting book by Sherwood Schwartz, I think it is called “Inside Gilligan’s Island”. Among other things he talks about how it was meant to be social commentary. Interesting stuff.

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