i’m in vancouver, bc, exploring a possible canadian partnership with a wonderful youth ministry organization called canadafire (they do a great youth and youth ministry event called campusfire). our host, darian, booked us into a great hotel right on the water in white rock, south of vancouver. here’s our view, looking toward the u.s.

jay howver is with me (the publisher at ys). darian is an amazing 24 year-old guy who’s clearly been given a calling and the chutzpa to pull of some amazing things (like helping to organize groups of students to pray together in about 1400 high schools and colleges across canada). here’s a pic of jay and darian…

we’re thinking about working with canadafire to launch a canadian youth workers convention, as well as thinking about ways to make ys resources more easily available in canada. great possibilities!

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  1. Welcome to BC. It would be GREAT to have a youth worker convention up here. I envy hearing about all the ones in the states. Yeah Canadafire is a great ministry. Glad to hear you guys know about them. So if I drive down to Whiterock we may see you guys at the pier or something? haha.

  2. hey marko – john latta of the canadian youth network (he’s on the canadafire board) would be a a great contact if you’re not meeting with him already.

    please center in ontario though as it’s cost prohibitive for youth workers to get to BC – while wonderful and beautiful it is so expensive to fly in canada.

    i know you usually choose ‘b’ cities instead of ‘a’ cities – so instead of toronto, hamilton ontario would be ideal – 40 minutes from the toronto airport, convention center, 1 hour from the buffalo airport.

    i just know that here on the east coast the churches are so depleated with resources – the funds for the west to fly east are far more available than the east to fly west. the poverty here is pretty pervasive.

  3. I know there are those in Canada that need the support. My church went to help with a local church in BC last summer with the youth group.

  4. Great to see you’re enjoying this fine province. Canadafire is an amazing minsitry! It’d be phenominal to see YS partner with Canadafire to bring about a Canadian youth workers convention! I’d be there in a jiffy!

    While you’re in White Rock make sure to walk up Oxford Hill (JK), and grab some amazing ice cream at White Mountain Chocolate Factory! Thanks for taking the time to think about us Canadian youth workers. We sure love YS up here, and love your heart for seeing youth workers receving quality leadership training.



  5. Really thankful to see God moving in that area. visited toronto a few years ago and was heartbroken to see God’s Word banned from some of the churches, and to see the horror that was Boy’s Town. Great youth programs could not be more needed.

    Of course, Toronto is also quite fabulous in many ways. Just glad to see people following God’s heart there.

  6. Yeah!!! go Canada … Lots of potential there. Personally I like Ontario ..of course that’s my own bias.

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