wait, what season is this? i forget. [updated]

jeannie and i are in the denver airport right now, trying to get to the emergent gathering in santa fe, new mexico; but there’s a major snow storm here, and our flight is delayed over three hours. i’m looking out the window of the red carpet club, and there are dozens of planes sitting in rows, waiting to go somewhere, anywhere. we’ve been here 20 minutes, and not one of them have moved an inch (well, if i’m fully honest, i wouldn’t know if one of them had moved an inch — but none of them have significantly moved).

i hope it’s not like this in santa fe — i didn’t even bring a coat!

it was in the mid-80’s in san diego yesterday.

[[update: our flight to santa fe just got cancelled. they can’t get us there ’til tomorrow evening, and we were scheduled to leave early wednesday morning to fly to pittburgh. so, it makes no sense to go to santa fe. we’re now scheduled to fly, later tonite, on to pittsburgh. i’m so bummed that i don’t get to hang with friends, and we’re paying for a babysitter to be with our kids, and we’re not with our kids, and all that. at least we get to sleep in tomorrow morning in pittsburgh and order eggs benedict for breakfast in bed — assuming we actually get there.]]

[[update #2: our flight to pittsburgh got cancelled. we spent the night in denver, in an airport hotel. the bar at the outback restaurant next door was our friend. today, we theoretically fly to pitts. the glamour of travel, huh?]]

[[final update: made it to pitts, after another long delay. slept in the a Westin “heavenly bed” last night. all things are now put back into alignment.]]

13 thoughts on “wait, what season is this? i forget. [updated]”

  1. I live in Colorado Springs. I was hoping to go golfing today, but then this storm hit last night. But then I check my calandar, and it is October. Which means it is about time for snow to start flying in the ROCKIES. Just wish for both of us it would have happened a couple of days later.

  2. Good luck. I’ve been there wih you having to miss special gatherings due to weather. I pray that God will use the extra time in Pittsburgh as an unanticipated pick-me-up.

  3. Maybe the Lord sent the snowstorm to divert your plane from being able to take you to santa fe, so you and jeannie wouldn’t be influenced into heretical thinking by the emerging church people.

  4. Bummer!! Years ago a friend of mine told me to
    always avoid Denver as a hub in the winter
    due to weather and things frequently going wrong.
    Guess it applies to autumn as well! But hey, enjoy the eggs benedict!!

  5. Marko-
    God has a plan for your life. He will ordain every step you take. It was just not in his plan for you to go to Santa Fe. There is a homeless man on the streets of Denver whom you need to lead to the Lord. Just Kidding with the spirtual talk. Sucks to be you.

  6. Sorry to hear that Marko. I hope the rest of your travel plans go well. Pittsburgh is going to be great. I can’t wait to get there.

  7. Marko, sorry for using this format, but I wanted to ask for some direction. I have recently moved to large suburban church with a very dynamic ministry. I need some resources to help guide me in leading a youth ministry in a large church setting. Do you have some recommendations?

  8. We missed you in SF. I had to pick up the slack and give out the cigars. God must have given me the vision to pick up some seconds from the Thompson Outlet on Saturday.

    Maybe next time we can both bring them.

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