week of stupid youth ministry moments, day 2

last monday i posted about 5 crazy things i’d done in youth ministry, and 5 stupid things i’d done in youth ministry. my speaking agent, tim grable, also sent the post out as an email to his massive list. many of you commented on my post with some pretty awesome and pretty stupid things. but several people receiving tim’s email just responded to him. i’ll share a few of those stories here, and more tomorrow. after each, i’ll add my short comment as to whether i consider this a “crazy” moment or a “stupid” moment. i should warn you — most are stupid!


1. Tried to chaperone 22 boys (including one with a physical disability) by myself at a five day residential camp after all my other male chaperones cancelled out at the last minute.
2. Went on many float trips and pool outings with large groups of teens before I learned to swim at age 40.
3. Left a seventh grader at a mall and didn’t realize he was missing till we got back to church. His mom (and also a youth Sunday School teacher) still gives me a bad time about it.
4. Made an impassioned speech about not being late for a 4 AM departure the night before leaving on a mission trip. Guess who forgot to set their alarm and was late?
5. At 57, still doing youth ministry and reaching teens for Christ.
(from jerry)

marko rating: 1 – 4 = stupid; 5 = awesome


1) Raced vans on the beaches of Texas during a mission trip – it was myself vs and elder of the church (who was also a dad of 2 of the students) – we got the vans up to 65 miles an hour on the beach with 10 students in each van.
2) Made it rain 900 gumballs on kids at a movie night featuring the movie “Bedtime Stories” – a few got hurt.
3) Filled the executive pastors office with 144 beach balls after a beach ball game at youth group.
4) Played noodle tag in the sanctuary (Presbyterian Church)
5) Credit to this next one goes to the students… They played a game of “Buck-Buck” in the terninal of the Houston Airport. they drew a big crowd.
(from john)

marko rating: 1 = stupid; 2 = crazy and a little stupid; 3 = crazy; 4 = crazy; 5 = crazy


While at a Sr. High retreat, some of the boys (with my husband, the youth pastor) went to the White Castle across the street. This was after our curfew to be in the rooms. They purchased 2 Crave Cases (30 in each crave case) – between 4 of them. They ate a lot of them but couldn’t finish. So they just left them in the cases. In the morning they got up, heated them up with the blow dryer and ate them………….the smell in their room, on the bus and at our sessions was unexplainable! Of course you have to understand what White Castle is to appreciate this story!! (from shelly)

marko rating = crazy, but awesome. loves me some white castles, baby.

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  1. The white castle story might be the best one yet. 60 white castle’s between 4 young men in less than 12 hours, especially when some of them are re-heated with a blow dryer, is VILE. This rates as spiritual abuse on the women in the group.

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