week of stupid youth ministry moments, day 3

last week, i posted a list of 5 crazy things i’ve done in youth ministry and 5 stupid things i’ve done in youth ministry. here are a few of my “favorites” from the comments…


We were driving back from Glorietta, NM through a construction zone at around 5:30-6am (no one on the roads) and decided to bob and weave through the cones. It was all fun and games with our convoy until the rear van (hauling the trailer) got pulled over by a state trooper. He at least had a sense of humor, telling us that he wouldn’t give any of us tickets if we went back and put all the cones we’d knocked over upright… That was a LONG morning! (from Matt Schaffner)

marko rating: stupid


It all started with the game “heavy.”

You know….the mingling game where you say, “Heavy……ELBOW” and magically your elbow becomes the heaviest part of your body and it has to touch the floor. So we were doing that w/middle schoolers and we ended it with “Heavy……..TONGUE!” And 4 kids did it. We only had 1 Twinkie to give the winner, so we decided we’ve have them lick the linoleum floor and whoever made it the furthest would win the Twinkie.

But they didn’t stop. So we had them go out the room and down the hallway…..then over some rocky flooring…then over the carpet into the sanctuary (granted…….it was a *small* church, but….still) and then back.

After taking some photos, and on the way back, a little voice inside my head said, “This is stupid…..probably should stop it.” So I called it a tie (they had to split the Twinkie) and asked them to take photos of their tongues.

Both girls had bloody…..bloody tongues.

One was like bloody and dirty too.

Another girl came to youth group the next week and showed me her tongue…it was all infected – she had to go to the doctor and take some spray for her tongue for a couple weeks. (from adam walker cleaveland)

marko rating: wow, royally stupid. that one took guts to even admit, adam!


Years ago…I filled our meeting room up at a retreat with small foam rubber pieces about 3-4 inches deep. really cool.. except that the speaker had no chance of communicating.. none… Null -set. The kids actually started something that resembled a “snow ball” fight with speaker boy being the target.

poor guy really… really struggled! (from eric venable)

marko rating: crazy. and i should know, i was the speaker.

3 thoughts on “week of stupid youth ministry moments, day 3”

  1. Couple from the UK:

    1) A friend of mine decided to play a game which involved seeing if you could squeeze toothpaste into a cup that someone had in their mouth. Loads of youth standing on chairs with their mates laying on the floor with a cup in their mouth and the toothpaste being dropped in the cups… going everywhere… great fun… really messy… but turns out that cheap toothpaste gives people a mild chemical burn…

    2) Tag in the dark – 1 broken leg.

    3) 3 legged football (or soccer with 2 guys who have one leg each tied together) with tables turned on their side for goals. Great fun till one young person falls over and catches the side of his face on the table. slices his ear 95% off… Had to have it stitched back on.

    4) Was part of a group of leaders in a worship band. On a practice weekend/retreat we decided to take the handbrake of one of our cohorts car and ‘hide’ it round the corner. As it was pushed round the corner we didn’t realise how sharp the hill was and the car ran away from the pusher. Rolled about 300 yds till reaching the bushes and a tree. Chased all the way by one guy who leapt in at the last minute before is disappeared in the bushes – scratches and a few dents.

    5) Using a clip from Gladiator but not checking the time coding before starting. Had prepped with times from the standard version showed same timings from the extended version. The most bloody and violent scene was shown… right infront of the most conservative parent… she was so angry…

  2. I got to say. My experiences tame compared to yours. Maybe its our Canadian-ness that make us a little less risky? But I will let you go ahead and win the prize for “stupid moments” in youth ministry!

  3. Mine’s real short…doing donuts in a snowy parking lot with three students in the church’s brand new, 30,000 dollar 15-passenger van. Lots of fun, no one was hurt, but not everyone shared my sense of satisfaction.

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