weird weekend

images-6.jpeggot home from the atlanta nywc last tuesday. crashed. i think the adrenaline of the convention season was beyond gone, and my mind and body were done.

but i went to work wednesday, just to have a slow, quiet day to catch up on some things. it was nice — only about 5 of us even in the building. very chill. went home early.

thursday (thanksgiving) was perfect: football, food, friends, family, hot tub (sorry, i ran out of “f” words).

images-2.jpegfriday morning, 6 of us left early to drive up to knott’s berry farm in orange county. max’s birthday is this coming weekend, and he had requested a trip to knott’s in place of a birthday party. the lines weren’t too bad, considering the day; and we had a nice day. but i had a late lunch at johnny rocket’s that didn’t settle right: an open-face chili burger. the chili wasn’t happy-making. and i started having stomach aches, periodically on the way home that evening.

images-3.jpegsaturday morning, slept in (after waking up all night long with stomach aches). jeannie and I, along with vicki (the wife of the family currently living with us in our home) had decided to give john (the husband of the family currently living with us in our home) a massage as a thank you for watching all the kids while the three of us were in atlanta. but then we thought, “hey, it doesn’t take anything away from his gift if we all get massages too!” so, in the early afternoon, all four of us got 80-minute hot stone massages at a day spa. i’ve never had a hot stone massage before. all i can say is: ahhhh. my stomach aches abated during the massage, btw, but returned after.

saturday evening, my stomach started cramping worse and worse, and it was difficult to still chalk this up to a chili burger the previous day. vicki and john suggested it might be my pancreatitis returning, which i dismissed. but — power of suggestion and all — as the pain got more extreme, i began worrying that they might be correct.

images-1.jpegso, at about 9:30, i drove myself to the e.r. after checking in and getting vitals taken, i waited in a semi-crowded waiting area for four hours, until 2am. i got to see one gunshot (or stab, i’m not sure) wound come in, helped along by his friends, swearing loudly at anyone and everyone, security guards circling close by. at 2am they gave me a bed (dressed, of course, in the always-flattering open-back hospital gown (clearly designed by a proctologist)), put in an i.v., took me to get an ultrasound of my belly, and let me lay there for a couple more hours. eventually, a doc came by and poked at my stomach (OW!), telling me it wasn’t pancreatitis, but might be a gall bladder problem. ok.

images-5.jpegat 6am, the nurse came in to tell me i was being sent home, that i had nothing serious, and that it was “gastritis”.

“i have gas? that’s it?”

“yes, that’s it. you should be happy it’s not something more serious.”

so, at 6:30, with a hat-tip-o’-thanks to both the thanksgiving meal and the chili burger, i drove my gassy self home and climbed into bed.

images.jpegi slept 3 1/2 hours, when jeannie came in and woke me to say, “john has an extra ticket to the chargers game, and wants to know if you’d like to go.”

of course, i was out of bed, showering, and off to see the san diego chargers clobber baltimore. i hadn’t eaten since prior to the hospital. and, wanting to be careful, i only had nachos and a stadium dog.

like i said, it was a weird weekend.

3 thoughts on “weird weekend”

  1. glad your out of er and doing better!! our group had a great time in Atlanta. we learned soooooooo much!!!! although we had to sell over 300 dozens of tamales to raise money to get there, it was ALL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

    anyway’s, please take this in a loving matter. i do not mean to offend you in any way. this being our 3rd year goin to ys i’ve noticed you’ve become lets say…. a bit more plump…please hear me out… we need you as a leader to continue with your crew to schedule speakers and put the conventions and what not together…take care of your health. as leaders we have meetings and schedules to keep and soemtimes we don’t eat very healthy…but we need to take care of ourselves physically. i tell you this ‘cuz i already went throught it. a couple of years back i wasn’t able to keep up with our teens and it started affecting my ministry..and i had a serious wake up call from God telling me that my job wasn’t finished yet and that i had to take care of my body if i wanted to last. well, long story short i lost the weight and i actually have more energy now than i can chase them down you know to ummmm…give them the word of GOd :). so if i’m telling you this it’s not to insult you in any way it’s to tell you we still need you and we care about you. so take care of your health. as always you and your crew are in our prayers as well as your family. ‘cuz they’re also part of your ministry. take care ‘cuz we care!!!once again i’m being honest and speaking to you ‘cuz i’ve been there and in NO WAY do i mean to offend you with this message. blessings!

  2. Marko,

    This year I asked our finance committee to allow me to take 10 volunteers with me to the NYWC, and to my surprise they said yes. I was hoping that it would make our volunteers feel valued and better equipped. Both of those hopes be came a reality in atlanta a few weekends ago. Thank you. We all had a great time.

    But I’m not writing to just say thanks. I had a question about your talk Monday morning. You mentioned a statistic that said something about 80% of teens are leaving the faith after they have graduated.

    It sparked my attention, because about 3 years ago I heard that statistic was a little over 50%. Since then, I have been trying to figure out why. I’ve been writing down my thoughts and O have a few theories that I would love to run by you sometime, but it sounds like my statistics are off now. Can you tell me where you found the up to date stat.

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