welcome to the world

i can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see non-u.s. readers on this blog. and this morning, i peeked at my “country share”, using the handy-dandy freeware called ‘site meter’, and found my lowest u.s. percentage yet — only 71%. not that i want LESS americans to journey with me; i’m just pumped about having my friends from all over the world. world party! (a very special welcome to you 4% from “the unknown country” — sounds like a super-hero kind of place!)

2 thoughts on “welcome to the world”

  1. Hey there. I’ve really been enjoying your posts. I’m wondering if we may be part of your unknown countries…Ireland? Who knows? I dont’ know if we are in that super hero kind of place you mentioned but it is really cool being here! Thanks!

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