well, ya don’t see that on the news everyday…

fox newscaster gets flustered and GOES OFF on one of the cray-ladies from westboro church (the ‘god hates fags’ people). seriously — i think if they had been in the same studio, the phelps woman would have left the studio in pain. wow.

(ht to Kara Szyarto)

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  1. the reporter actually said “you are the devil!” (around 6:50) wow! she definitely got pretty hot. by the way, there is a pretty good chance they are ‘crazies.’ hurtful, at least.

  2. Wow, that was intense! Good thing they weren’t in the studio together!

    You kind of have to wonder about a woman who has 11 children. She’s probably insensitive because she’s immune to pain. And she’d almost have to be hardened to keep them all in line. I hope she is the only one like that.

    One thing I’ve noticed in the political climate that we are in, once people have decided for themselves what or who they think is right, it’s nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. It sure is entertaining to put two people from opposing views together, though!

  3. Who would’ve thought that CNN, The New York Times, and Fox News would be united about anything? They’re all united in thinking these people are nuts.

  4. I think the best way to defeat the messages of this group is to let them on TV to talk, it’s the quickest way to let people know that these are not Christians in any sense and don’t actually read scripture without their extreme crazy lense, wow I love that the reporter actually used scripture to rebuke this woman.

    The more I read and watch this group the more crazy and ridiculous they get.

  5. this bothers me alot
    I am in no way supporting the westboro position – i think it is vile and disgusting.
    what bothers me though is that news organizations would lower themselves to engaging in this sort of rancorous exchange. it seems clear to me that giving ‘space’ to this sort of thing brings a twisted semblance of legitimacy to these people. Clearly there need to be reprocussions for people who choose to be this perverse. Unfortunately giving them airtime may be exactly the reward they are looking for.
    And additionally, I wonder about whether an interview like this can tend to cloud the reality of the foreign policy issues which face the US. This childish engagement by the reporter, could easily serve to embolden positions that choose to ignore some of the distrubing reasons that we are in IRAQ and Afghanistan.
    Sure it was funny but I’m not sure I could cheer on the reporter as some comments here have done…

  6. One look at the unofficial biography of Fred Phelps, found online at a website I won’t mention because of it’s other content, which I and most others would probably consider questionable, shows that he used to routinely beat his children and wife and that he’ll sue the pants off anything and anybody that doesn’t join his way of thinking.

    Calling them a church is stretching it. Cult would be more like it.

  7. If we ignore them maybe they will just go away?

    Nah…probably not…but I had a few chuckles during that video exchange. “You’re the devil” Wasn’t that a quote from a Mike Myers SNL sketch?

  8. at first i was cheering, but when the thing turned off, i began weeping. really. with a some tears in my eyes i thought “what the hell is this? they’re both as bad as each other.” we witnessed the gospel of love being served up as hatred.

    even the fox lady quotes “love your neighbour” as an act of hate.

    sorry to put a damper on things here, but i can’t rally around it in support. that whole interview should not have gone ahead if the fox lady was acting professionally.

  9. Thank God for reporters like Ms. Judy Banderas. It is about time that someone, other than relatives, take a stand against desecraters of our fallen soldiers. This church lady and her compadres should all just pack up and move to Venezuela or something. I cannot believe there are people that can go about life just ho-hum when they verbally defecate on our fallen brothers and sisters. This “church” is no better than the Islamic extremists. They preach virtually the same thing, death to all whom we can’t bring ourselves to tolerate. I am no fag of homosexuals in life, much less our military, but I dedicated 8 years of my life in the military to protect those rights and decisions. “Fags” have nothing to do with what’s happening overseas. I say we should televise these people more often, maybe we will enable someone to help us out in defeating these bastards of society. I hope this kid’s dad wins this lawsuit. Keep on keeping on, FOX and Ms. Banderas!!

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