5 thoughts on “what churches want in a youth worker”

  1. Yup that sums it up for some places except for all the time Jesus spent running off to be by himself (unproductive, cuts into living a 24/7 ministry..) and all the time he spent at parties(apperance of evil and all that)

    This post and the robot post reminded me to be thankful that I’m in a healthy church with healthy expectations right now.

  2. I’ve said for a long time that all church/pastor interviews should be recorded because I’ve never seen a church who hasn’t lied to someone show is interviewing to work for them.

  3. Perhaps this might be an off beat thought, but I truly think we have a LOT of lost coins out there in the world of youth ministry. Before I lose you, let me explain. I truly believe that everyone (professional or volunteer leadership) who enters the world of youth ministry does it with such a deep, bright fire, filled with dreams and inspirations of what they, through Christ can bring to the table. They are a coin, placing their value in the hands of God. But somewhere, a bit later down the line, the fire slowly starts to burn out, inspirations run dry and suddenly they feel threatened by the reality that the church has put on them. Suddenly, they begin to focus on the “what is” instead of the “what can be.” Suddenly, youth workers begin to base their sense of purpose and moreover overall worth by the feedback they receive from the church, the ministry leaders and those around them. Suddenly, they become a lost coin, forgetting somewhere along the line that they were called by God for a purpose…and that Truth is so hard to find today in so many churches because of what they believe a youth worker should look like. Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m ready for a change. I’m daring to be different. I’m going to be who I am in Christ and refuse to lose my worth in the constant lies that I get fed through the church of today. I’m ready to stand out, be different and truly bend the boundaries of what the church labels as “youth ministry.” Anyone with me?

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