what happened to baseball?

what happened to a fun and inexpensive family evening at the ballpark? We’re on a family date at the padres game right now (i’m writing on my phone while my daughter’s in the ice cream line). but, PLEASE, It’s a $100 evening! four tix at $15 each (amongst the cheapest available), $10 for parking, $5 each to the kids to choose a snack (which bought them an ice cream), and $20 for jeannie and i to get two beverages and some popcorn (we actually brought a picnic dinner or it would have been worse). too much!

5 thoughts on “what happened to baseball?”

  1. and all that to watch the AAA San Diego Padres!!

    You should come see the Angels – $6 tickets, the new owner lowered prices on all food and beverages (including tastee adult beverages), and, ya know, a team that wins alot.

  2. Aaahhhhh, to have a son who is an Area Scout for the Chicago Cubs and to get free tickets for the games. Now if only we could get free food, we would be all set!

  3. Yup…my grandpa and I have learned the joys of single A San Jose Giants b-ball! Free tix from Target and then a $5 each upgrade for box seats! :) However…I will also shell out $40 for an As/Angels ticket here when the time comes!

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