what people are saying about the youth ministry coaching program

i continue to be blown away by the impact of the youth ministry coaching program. last week, my north carolina cohort had their final (6th) meeting. at the meeting, i asked the participants if they would be willing to write a few words about the impact of YMCP in their lives.

here are just a few of those:

kevin ward

Prior to participating in the Youth Ministry Coaching Program, I was ready to give up the church and give up on ministry. YMCP came at the absolute perfect time for me. I really am not sure how I would have processed through all the changes presented to me over the last year. I came into YMCP expecting to glean some great youth ministry ideas and theories and instead had a total life transforming
experience. YMCP focused on whole life coaching and not just coaching me professionally. However, the impact that the whole life coaching has had on me has spilled over into my professional life in huge ways. I believe I have grown more as a person in the last year than in any other time in my life. Because of YMCP, I believe I am a better person, a better husband, a better friend, and by far a much better youth director. I believe I will see the ripple effects of YMCP in my life and ministry for many years to come!

kimberly clarke

The YMCP was absolutely the best thing Iʼve done for myself, my family and my ministry and surpassed my expectations on so many levels. I have gained such a stronger sense of who I am because Mark strongly encourages us (kicking and screaming) to confront personal and professional fears and demons, reexamine issues with “new eyes”, break down blocks and barriers that inhibit us from being successful. I was floundering and through the coaching, spiritual guidance, and cohort support have really changed not only who I am but how I am in all situations in my life–stronger, more focused, and much more spiritually guided. By becoming more fully engaged personally, I have become a much stronger, more engaged minister to the youth that I serve.

ellis carson

Marko is a great youth ministry coach. As someone who did not have any experience leading a Youth Ministry and with limited overall Youth Ministry experience it was a blessing to learn from an experienced Youth Ministry professional like Marko. The resources and wisdom that he gave us were invaluable. Coming together with other Youth Leaders in the Conference was also valuable, in that, we were able to learn from the experience of others in similar but different settings. The guidance that was shared within the cohort helped me to steer through some very difficult Youth Ministry issues. I do not know where our Youth Ministry would be if it were not for this Youth Ministry Coaching Program.

i still need two more people to launch the next nashville cohort, and about the same for the canadian cohort (vancouver/calgary). let me know if you’d like more info (or start here).

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  1. I encourage anyone who is considering taking on tis cohort to do what you can to make it happen. In fact, if it’s permission from a senior pastor or funding help from a personnel committee, I will be happy to communicate straight to them how this 30 year youth ministry vet experienced the best youth ministry (and, really, all-around life) resource out there. Mark’s insight and spiritual presence and the strength and support of the rest of the members of the cohort added immeasurably to what we all needed.

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