what teenagers want for christmas

from an OTX research and ecrush research study, reported on ypulse:

Where do they learn about cool, new products?
The interweb, of course (65 percent)
Friends come next (62 percent)
TV commercials third (54 percent)

We know they’re headed to the malls (95 percent), but which stores are they going to?
Electronics (46 percent)
Bath & body (45 percent)
Music (surprise. surprise.) (41 percent)

Who gets the most of teens’ hard earned money? ($100 or more)
Their sweetie (28 percent)
Mom and dad (20 percent)
Grandma and grandpa (18 percent)

What do they want most?
Money! (39 percent)
Laptop or desktop computer (30 percent)
Clothes (25 percent)
A new car! (24 percent)

If they could ask for just one gift, it would be:
Laptop/desktop computer (15 percent)
Money (12 percent)
Car (11 percent)

6 thoughts on “what teenagers want for christmas”

  1. I thought cell phones would be higher than 25%. I mean, I know most teens have them now, but it seems like they are always wanting the new, cool phone.

  2. I’m with you Brian . . . of the kids here, I know that several of them are wanting the newest/coolest cell phone for Christmas.

  3. Phones & money, because you can buy dope with money. But then again, I’m in the inner city, and kids with their own computers isn’t common. And a laptop doesn’t seem high on my kid’s list, possibly because stealing is rampant. There is no benefit to a new laptop if it just means fifty dollars more crack for the druggie down the street. Video games are still high on some of the kid’s list.

  4. Unless your fruitcake is electronic, and has some cool touch screen features that play the lastest songs from Itunes…then, the fruitcake is awesome

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