when you brush…

lots of eatin’ to be done this week, right? which means, logically (and hopefully), lots of tooth-brushin’. so i think it’s extremely timely to pass along this article from the highly-read and authoritative phuket (don’t be such a junior higher! it’s a resort-y place in thailand, and the last ‘t’ is silent) gazette.

my favorite line from the article is the doctor saying “This is a topic that warrants further study.”

(ht to dave barry)

3 thoughts on “when you brush…”

  1. I LOVED this:

    “Try tying a small thread through the eye at the end of the toothbrush – this way you can pull it back up if it accidentally slips down your throat”

    Since my toothbrush doesn’t have a hole/”eye” at the end of it, I’m either going to have to buy another toothbrush or drill a hole into it. I’m also going to take her advice on tying a string to the end of the other household items that I stick in my mouth, for instance; my spoons, forks, and toothpicks. :)

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