“where youth ministry must go” talking points at grand rapids theological seminary

in a few weeks — monday, march 12 — i’ll be at grand rapids theological seminary for a one-day event ys is partnering on (partnering with grts, that is), called “talking points.” talking points is a regular event they have there; but this time around, the theme is “where youth ministry must go.”wymmg.jpghere’s the seminary website with a description of the event. reg is on that page also (or, a link to reg is on that site).

and here’s steve argue’s blog post about the event.

there are three presenters, with the following content…

Youth Ministry Must Go Deeper – Kara Powell will explore what thoughtful youth ministry might look like in a youth ministry world that is typically pressured by pragmatism and instant results.

Youth Ministry Must Go Closer – Steve Argue will consider what it means for the whole church to embrace teenagers and what it looks like for youth leaders to fulfill their calling as shepherds over efficiency and programming.

Youth Ministry Must Go Broader – Mark Oestreicher will focus on what Senior Pastors and Youth Pastors/Directors might need to correct and pursue together given a ministry dynamic that frequently isolates, alienates, and burns out youth pastors.

here’s a pdf brochure for the event.

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