7 thoughts on “which 24 character are you?”

  1. Hmm… I came out as David Palmer.

    Think I would have preferred to be Jack though…or even Tony. I’ve been hooked on this show since Kurt Johnston started talking it up. This summer my wife and I watched season 1-4 in about a month.

  2. I love this show….and I love that I too am David Palmer!!!!!!! I did a huge sigh of relief though…..I thought I was going to be Jack’s whiney daughter:~)

  3. I’m David Palmer. So Marko, are you a 24 fan? Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the new season. : )

    And Renee, Jack is the coolest dude on tv, so that’s a pretty decent pick – although it may mean you’re scary tough. ; )

  4. I am Jack also. I, too, am not sure how I feel about that. I can’t wait for this new season though – and I wonder if Jack is even going to be in the show or not.

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