whiplash days

i’m in whiplash days. you have them too — those days that have (at least seemingly) opposite extreme emotions in the same short period of time. one of these random days is enough to leave me pretty spent (as i was last night), but i’m gonna have at least two in a row, if not three.

yesterday, i came into work at the butt-crack o’ dawn to prepare for an all staff meeting (tired, but feeling OK — a little stressed with the importance of the task); then, the all staff meeting was wonderful, and i left feeling woozy with vision and a sense of accomplishment. early afternoon, discovered a bit of a budget problem (knot! in stomach! denial!). stepped into a management team meeting that was supposed to be 2 hours, but went 4. it was extremely hard work — but, also rewarding, because the team really worked as a team. left just before 7 to go re-count the one life revolution money (see post below), and got home at 9, totally spent.

today: in early again, getting some things out of the way. weight of the budget stuff barking at me from the corner of my office. encroachment of next week’s emergent convention barking from a different corner. another 4 hour management team meeting planned for this afternoon.

BUT — tonite is the season finale of The Apprentice, which, next to 24, is possibly the best thing on TV. we have a handful of friends coming over for a finale party.

see? whiplash days. i’m not whining, or asking for sympathy. just stating the reality of my disorienting day. i suppose there’s good in having the extreme good on the same day as the extreme difficult (or stressful, or bad, or hurtful, or whatever). a bit o’ grace, maybe.

4 thoughts on “whiplash days”

  1. butt crack of dawn


    tho I am a bit worried about the prospects of an APPRENTICE party

    you’re fired !

  2. uh, marko? i could’ve sworn you said that the apprentice was one of the best shows on tv.

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