who wants free books?

got this email today:

Message regarding: Youth Ministry Books

Marko – I was a youth pastor for almost 4 years and came to own quite a few youth ministry books. After leaving the ministry due to the fact that I am being called to a teaching ministry, I have these books that will not be used. I am a firm believer that books must be in the hands of those who will use them and so I didn’t know if you knew any youth pastors who would want some used youth ministry books. Some are probably out dated, but most are fairly current books. Please let me know if you or someone you know would like these books.

James Chambers

so, let’s say it’s for a rookie. you have to have been in youth ministry for two years or less. first rookie to comment gets james’ youth ministry library.

21 thoughts on “who wants free books?”

  1. Marko,
    I’m always looking for new books to add to my library for ideas and helpful tips let me know about how I can get these if they are still available.

  2. Shoot I would have loved to get my hands on that stuff, I knew I should read this blog more frequently.

  3. I’m not in the running for the books, but…..

    Jason, you should read this blog every day. First thing. Before coffee. Seriously.

  4. i’m a 10th year (at the same church) rookie…or something…yeah…i never get the lucky breaks on stuff like this, haha.

  5. I’m not running for books, but if you want to send me the Styrofoam popcorn we can use it for a fun sunday school craft.

  6. i’m a full time volunteer … which means i run the youth ministry but i don’t get paid for it.

    does that count for anything? oh, and i’ve been doing it for less than two years. i know i’m late but hey … give a guy a break.

  7. I’m just coming up to the end of my first year, but it’s cool, I’m blessed to work in a church that is very generous in supporting me (particularly blessed since this church could afford to hire someone with actual qualifications!) and the youth ministry. so I’m good for books. I’m just posting here to take issue with Debby’s comment;

    “Jason, you should read this blog every day. First thing. Before coffee. Seriously.”

    I agree wholeheartedly except…

    BEFORE coffee? NOTHING happens BEFORE coffee. There is no BEFORE coffee!I don’t function BEFORE coffee!I barely even exist BEFORE Coffee!


    Hi, My name is Tom and I’m a caffiene addict!

  8. Well, I do read most everyday, but never before or after coffee, I hate the stuff, can barely stand the smell of it, don’t understand why someone would drink something that smells or tastes like that. Put sugar, creamer, flavoring or whatever you like in it, it won’t help. I think we need to move away from the “christian crack” that is coffee

  9. please con’t take the last comment the wrong way as some of you may, it’s just a joke. I don’t really think coffee is to blame for anything other than tasteing horrible and making my office smell from the 3 pots our staff goes through a day

  10. Jason, your staff gets through three pots in a day? I used to manage that much by myself! You actually, while tongue in cheek, do make a very valid point. an addiction is an addiction and there are many, many Christians who’ll preach about ‘the body is the temple of the holy spirit’ while drinking 3 pots of coffee in a day… Which is precisely why I’m trying to cut down. I don’t want to get all high and mighty and judgmental but I really think it wouldn’t hurt for a lot of us (myself included) to take a long hard look at how we’re treating this temple…

  11. well that’s totally not what I was getting at “christian crack” was just a joke, not meant to be a look at our spiritual walk.

  12. :) Jason, I know. But as they say ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’ and personally I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I treat my body in general. Busyness, long hours, bad eating habits, poor sleep patterns, tiredness, caffeine, more busyness because when you’re tired you tend to be less organised/disciplined (well i do anyway), more caffiene to cope with the busyness, lunch on the go, sleeping habits get worse…

    …watch out burnout here we come!

    It’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re passionate about your work.

    If I’m just ranting about my own junk please ignore me. i won’t be offended! ;)

  13. If there’s anything left of his library, send it my way. My husband and I qualify as rookies, and we need help! We’ll read whatever we can get (taking the meat and spitting out the bones of course!)

  14. Dear Brother,
    Greeting His name from Bangladesh! we are staying 3rd World and Muslim with poor Country in Bangladesh, we are praying you with your team can come in Bangladesh for visit with some Activities like Good news, Trainings, Ministries works, etc.
    We are from Bangladesh are going to join BYWC Conference 2008 in Germany, we can meet each other, please if you know any body who want to works in Bangladesh then please let me know then we can meet him in Germany. Please do not forget my name in your daily prayer. please keep in touch. I am waiting for your replay.

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  15. Hey Brother Peter,

    Just wondering, My wife’s family is from Bangladesh and their last name is Sarker. Is it a common name? do you have relatives in America? (mostly New York and Atlanta). Most of her family over there lives in and around Dhaka.

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