who’s up for a road trip?

this is an extremely cool opportunity for the right people. but i have to be a little bit cryptic on the details here on my blog.

here’s the scoop: i’m working with zondervan on a cool project, and we need to find a few people to be involved in an RV road trip (for a very interesting cause). specifically, we’re looking for a youth worker couple (husband/wife would be ideal) who are at least in their upper-20s (or older), who would be available for a 5-month road trip! it’s a paid gig, plus all expenses. this is the position of team leader for this excursion (which would take you all over the u.s). sorry: it wouldn’t work to bring along kids, as both team leaders will be working the whole time, and will be sharing the RV with the rest of the team.

here’s a tease: it involves the bible. and it involves creating something. and this creation will end up in the smithsonian.

we’re also looking for a few college students or young adults to be a part of this thing — ideally for the whole 5 months, or, if we can’t find people for the whole 5 months, for chunks of that time. these are unpaid positions, but all expenses are paid.

i wish i could post more about this here. but, let’s do this: if you’re intrigued, shoot me an email (marko [at] youthspecialties [dot] com), and i can fill you in with more details.

we’re hoping to jump on this quickly, and start this road trip in october!

10 thoughts on “who’s up for a road trip?”

  1. Oh my word … I would of so been all over this … a few months ago!!! But I guess it would be bad timing now that I’m starting at a new church on Sunday …

    Probably not looking for someone with four kids six and under, either!

  2. Will someone marry me so i can quit my job and apply for this? (P.S. not a word to my wife.)

  3. there are no words.
    i am beyond interested.
    sadly, no husband.. but no children either!
    am a 20 something just out of college.. sign me up?

  4. We are eagerly awaiting the email with the details. I can’t wait to hear more about it. We are so interested.

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