why does google blog search suck so much?

i don’t get it.  everything google touches is gold (or quickly turns to gold).  so why does their blog search tool so completely suck?  i’ve had it bookmarked for well over a year, and use it as a secondary search, after technorati.

technorati will show me 90% (roughly) of the incoming links to my blog.  it’s pretty good at finding them in the vast blogosphere.  there are links it misses, and the occasional odd up and down (like, in the last few weeks, my total incoming links, including multiples from the same sources, has dropped from 2100-ish, down to 1400-ish, up to 1600-ish, back to 1400-ish, and so on).

but here’s what i get from google blog search:  nothing changes for roughly an entire week.  sometimes two weeks.  it doesn’t show any change in incoming links; then, suddenly, will show a grip of new ones, including (usually) one or two that technorati didn’t find.  googles list is a weird one — FAR from complete.  but they always find at least one that technorati didn’t find (which is why i continue to check it once in a while).

anyhow.  i’m rambling.  but it is just so completely out of alignment with what i have come to expect from google on every other single product or tool they have.  c’mon, google, make a blog search that doesn’t suck!

2 thoughts on “why does google blog search suck so much?”

  1. I love google but have to agree with you! I use google aka blogger for my blog and you think it would be better but the analytics you have to change if you do something as simple as changing templates. I’ve also found that technorati doesn’t do all that well either. Sitemeter seems alittle bit better but you would think Google can do better!

  2. Google caters to who pays it the most apparently – they seemed to have fallen to whomever pays the most for advertising.

    OOOgle surprise!

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