working with women

provacotive subject line, huh?

late this afternoon, i’ve been asked to step into the critical concerns course on women in youth ministry, being taught by ginny olson (youth min prof at north park college), kara powell (youth min faculty at fuller), and jeanne stevens (youth pastor of willow’s regional churches). talk about a sharp trio of women in youth ministry — holy cow!

anyhow, they want me to talk for 20 minutes about “what i’ve learned about working with women in youth ministry”.

any input for me? (be nice, now!)

3 thoughts on “working with women”

  1. i know this wasn’t the question they asked you…but i would want to hear what you love about working with women. how they enhance your view and your ministry. how they enrich you and the ministry you are in.

  2. close the door behind you in the bathroom (yes, there is a story) and remember to leave the seat down.

    hope this advice finds you in time…

  3. VALUE THEM and VALIDATE their call, their gifts, their ministry!! Celebrate the presence of Spirit in that room! It will be water on dry soil!!

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